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The “Monte Alpet Seggiovia”, Mountain Alpet chair lift will take you up to 5300 ft above sea level and there you will see the outstanding panorama of the Italian Alps arc, the enduro and downhill walkways / tracks around the mountain.
All the necessary clothes, personal protections, workshop and anything else you will need to enjoy the run will be available for you in Cardini di Roburent, the local village near by the Bob Marley’s track.

How to find us:
Cardini di Roburent - Cuneo - Piedmont Italy
By car:
Motorway Turin Savona - Exit at Niella Tanaro -> then follow the indication for Torre Mondovì -> San Giacomo di Roburent. About 20 minutes’ drive from the motorway)
Daily ticket “Biker”: Euro 18.00
Noon section from 1 pm: Euro 13.00
When we are open:

JULY: 14-15-16 / 21-22-23 / 28-29-30-31
AUGUST: everyday
SEPTEMBER:  14-15-16-/ 23-24 / 30-
OCTOBER: 1- / 7-8 / 14-15 / 21-22 / 28-29

We are linked with local Hotels, “all inclusive” offers are available for you as well, so if you would like to visit and stay with us, please e mail us at: montealpetbikevillage@live.it

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